Ending cruelty to Scotland's animals


Thank you so much for supporting our campaign to ban fox hunting.  

Our findings reveal just how weak Scotland’s fox hunting legislation is and demonstrate why it cannot be said that Scotland has a real fox hunting ban. So long as exemptions for ‘pest control’ exist, people will be able to hunt foxes under this guise.       

The Scottish Government has committed to reforming Scotland’s fox hunting legislation in this parliamentary session to make it more effective and enforceable.  However, the Government only plans to reduce the number of dogs allowed to flush foxes to the guns, and flushing by dogs itself would still be perfectly legal. This is not good enough. We will be urging the government not to license any packs of dogs and to end fox hunting for good but we need your help.

Your gift today will help us to push the Scottish Government to implement a real fox hunting ban. Wild animals need protection from suffering too.  Please donate what you can. Every gift has a big impact on our work. Everything we achieve is only thanks you, our supporters.





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